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2024 - 2025 Programs and Workshops


Meeting Location

The Community House,  415 West Eight Street, Hinsdale, IL  60521

Meeting Hours

We meet from 7:00 - 9:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month, September through May. "Doors" open at 6:30 pm.

Meeting Costs

Guests are welcome to attend most meetings/lectures at a cost of $10 for nonmembers.


Members of the Salt Creek Quilters Guild can sign up for workshops at the monthly meetings or by contacting the Programs Committee at Other contact information can be found in the your membership directory or use the form on the Contact page.


Workshop Location

Township of Lyons

6404 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL 60525

(South side of Joliet Road, between Willow Springs Road and Brainard)


Workshop Hours

Doors open at 8:30am   

Full Day Workshops from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Workshop Costs

Classes are $40 members and $50 for nonmembers.

Classes are open to nonmembers 60 days prior to class date.
You may email to be placed on a waiting list.

To use your one-time member $10 discount on a class, make a note with your payment (zelle, cash or check).


September 14, 2023  Thursday

Tammy Silvers

Lecture  7:00 pm

“Interrogating Your Quilt”

Don’t be nice about it – force that fabric to talk to you! Get the real info on how it can
work for you to help you achieve your “quilt” vision. This humor-laden lecture
focuses on getting the most from your fabric choices and how fabric can (and does)
influence the finished quilt!. Supported by plenty of quilt examples from my retinue
of quilts – good and bad!

September 15, 2023   Friday

Workshop 9:00 am to 4:00pm

“Celebration Slices”

Paper pieced wall hanging for Birthday, Halloween or Christmas

Supply List:  Purchase pattern

Find under shop, paperpiecing. Print 6 copies of the paper piece foundation prior to the class.

Supply List


October 12, 2023   Thursday

Dana Jones

Lecture  7:00 pm 

“Pagtinabangay:  The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island”

You’ll be transported to a tiny island — just 13 acres — in the central Philippines as you enjoy images and stories of the colorful quilts and the more than 100 quiltmakers of Caohagan Island. You’ll see photos of more than 50 of these handmade, one-of-a-kind quilts plus be introduced to the unique techniques developed by these quiltmakers whose tools are simply fabric and scissors, needle and thread. I spent more than a month on the island, quilted with the residents, went fabric shopping with them on nearby Cebu Island, and snorkeled the reef that surrounds Caohagan. Those who view the quilts come away smiling, inspired by the creativity of these women and men.

October 13, 2023   Friday

Workshop 9:00 am to 4:00pm

“Free Cutting Caohagan-Island Style”

When the quiltmakers of Caohagan Island in the central Philippines learned to quilt, they didn't have rulers, pencil or paper. They did have fabric and scissors. Looking at black-and-white drawings of traditional quilt blocks from a Maggie Malone book, they began free cutting patches for blocks. Over time, they added appliqué to their quilting skills. They work with just scissors and fabric — no templates or patterns or pencils or marking pens.


In this workshop, you'll try your hand at free cutting Caohagan-Island style. You'll begin by free cutting and hand piecing a block of your choice. You can bring an image — black and white only, please — or select from images I’ll provide from a Maggie Malone book, just as was provided to the Caohagan Island quiltmakers.


In the second half of the class, we'll move to free cutting appliqué motifs as you design-as-you go a small quilt top that can become a pillow sham. You'll learn how the Caohagan quiltmakers piece some of their appliqués before putting them onto their quilts. By the way, there will be no irons, only finger pressing.

November 9, 2023   Thursday

Rose Parr (Canada)

Lecture  7:00 pm 

“Sew Smart – The Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting”

Quilting can be a real pain in the neck, so can cutting, pressing, and handiwork! How high should your cutting table be? How about your ironing board, your sewing chair, or your sewing table? Be ready to learn about: the ergonomics of sewing, pressing, cutting, and handiwork. Her stretches are designed for quilters' trouble spots including text/quilters neck, tight shoulders, lower backache, carpal tunnel syndrome prevention, and they can all be done right in your sewing room. Plus lots of other tips so we can sew smart to sew long! 

We will meet in-person at the Community House and enjoy Rose Parr’s lecture via ZOOM as a group.

November 11, 2023  Saturday

Community Service Day
Workshop 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Join us in making medical mission items, Sew Powerful purses and small quilts. Feel good!

December 11, 2023  Thursday

Holiday Party

No Workshop in December

January 11, 2024   Thursday
Tina Hilton

Lecture  7:00 pm via zoom

“Rare and Remarkable Malaysian Batik”

How It’s Made, Who Makes It and Why It’s Important

Tina Hilton is the proprietor of Turtle Hand Batik which offers Malaysian small batch handcrafted quilting fabric featuring traditional, batik, artisan dyed fabric and one of a kind art panels. Learn about the different processes and techniques used to make these unique designs.

We will meet in-person at the Community House and enjoy Tina Hilton’s lecture via ZOOM as a group.

January 12, 2024    Friday 

Tammy L. Deck Workshop

Workshop 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Note different location!

At TLD in Westmont, 26 E Quincy St, Westmont, IL

Maximum number of students per class is 6. Sign up by January 3, 2024 so instructor can order supplies.

“Batik on Silk Fabric – Wax-Resist Dyeing"

Artists use substances on textiles to temporarily "resist" dye to create patterns and interest. This workshop explores the use of wax as a resist. Participants will use fabric dyes on silk fabric and learn how to apply wax in layers to create unique hand painted designs. We will use some everyday and some not-so-traditional tools to achieve subtle, sophisticated effects. These beautiful creations can stand on their own and be framed or incorporated into other works such as quilt blocks or pillow fronts. Come have some fun, stretch your imagination and create art cloth.


Supply List:  Dyes and silk fabric will be provided. Students should bring rubber gloves and wear old clothes to class.

January 13, 2024    Saturday

Tammy L. Deck Workshop

Workshop 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Note different location!

At TLD in Westmont, 26 E Quincy St, Westmont, IL

Maximum number of students per class is 6. Sign up by January 3, 2024 so instructor can order supplies.

Repetition of Friday's workshop.

February 8, 2024   Thursday

Brenda Gael Smith  (Australia)

Lecture 7:00 pm   via zoom

“Driven to Abstraction”

Brenda creates textile works made from a rich palette of her hand-dyed fabrics complemented by intensive stitching. Much of her work is inspired by the colour and patterns of the natural world with a focus on her surroundings at the “other” Copacabana in Australia and her New Zealand homeland. Using a process of abstraction, Brenda strives to capture the essence of her subjects in simplified form. Working improvisationally, she refines line, shape, colour and texture to evoke a sense of place, express an idea, highlight an issue or elicit an emotional response. Learn more about Brenda’s inspiration and process in this colourful lecture.

We will meet in-person at the Community House and enjoy Brenda Gael Smith’s lecture via ZOOM as a group.

February 10, 2024  Saturday

"Iron" Quilter Competition
Workshop 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

3 Teams of 4 quilters are given 2.5 yards of fabric and are tasked to complete a small quilt top in 2 hours!  What will they create?

Join a team. OR come and cheer them on as they frantically sew their masterpieces while you work on your own projects.  When time’s up, cast your vote for your favorite. 

March 14, 2024  Thursday

Julie Silber

Lecture 7:00 pm via zoom

“Mark My Words:Textiles and Text”

People have always found ways to incorporate the written word into their quilts.  We’ll look at lots of 19th and 20th century quilts, and the varied ways that text appears… some of them quite ingenious!


We will meet in-person and enjoy Julie Silber’s lecture via ZOOM as a group.

March  16, 2024     Saturday

Carolina Oneto (Brazil) Workshop

9:00am to 4:00 pm via zoom

“Beautiful Stones”

In this workshop the attendees will design and piece a 30” x 30” quilt top, learning different techniques to piece curves and concentric circles.  During the class we will explore different compositions, color combinations and shapes.  I will show you all my tricks to create these captivating designs.  The attendees will learn how to cut fabrics with complex shapes and how to sew these curved shapes by machine. 

Supply List

April 11, 2024     Thursday

Bridget O’Flaherty  (Canada)

Lecture 7:00 pm via zoom

How to Make our Passion for Quilting  More Sustainable

What does sustainability mean and how is it being addressed in the quilting industry? Join Bridget O’Flaherty for an in-depth look at the complicated story of sustainability in quilting. Get to know how people, profit, and the planet are all needed as the solution, and how you can easily bring sustainability into your practice to be part of the change.

We will meet in-person at the Community House and enjoy Bridget O’Flaherty’s lecture via ZOOM as a group.

April 13, 2024     Saturday

Christina Cameli Workshop via zoom

9:00am to 4:00 pm via zoom

“All Are Welcome Here”

Using up leftover blocks and scraps is frugal and creative - no two pieces are the same! Working with what you have, learn tricks for layout success.

Supply List

May 9, 2024     Thursday

Bobbie Butler and Debbie Wesenberg 

Lecture 7:00 pm

“Rulerwork for the Home Machine – How It Works – Is It for Me?”

Quilting with rulers is the latest trend in free motion quilting.Learn about this new technique that will "up your quilting game".

May 11, 2024     Saturday

Bobbie Butler and Debbie Wesenberg Workshop

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

“A Day with Rulers – From Practice to Perfect”

Quilting with rulers is the latest in free motion quilting skills that everyone wants to try, and most think it is too difficult.  DK Studios has created a line of rulers and templates to allow you to create stunning designs and teaches you how to use them.   Using the correct tools and techniques, allows quilting with rulers to be fun and creative. 


Join us for a hands-on class with an instructor who has been free motion quilting for years and loves ruler work.  We will have stitched samples of all the rulers & templates for you to review.  We will have marking templates, marking utensils and lots of templates for you to try out.  We will also have an instructional handout for you to take home. 

Supply List

Students will need a ruler foot for the class. Debbie Wesenberg has a list of what foot is needed for specific machines.


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