2019-2020 Programs and Important Dates

Members of the Salt Creek Quilters Guild can sign up for workshops at the monthly meetings or
by contacting the chairs of the Programs Committee -- Marilyn Montgomery and Terri Karls. Their contact information can be found in the your membership directory or use the form on the Contact page.


Workshop Location

Workshops are held at Grace Lutheran Church at 41st and Wolf Road in Western Springs.


Workshop Hours

Doors open at 8:30am

Workshops from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Workshop Costs

$40 members  $50 nonmembers

Classes are open to non members 60 days prior to class date. You may email to be place on a waiting list

Pat Yamin, Comequiltwithme.com   Brooklyn, NY

Innovative quilt artist Pat Yamin, president and founder of Come Quilt with Me, is well-known in the quilting industry. For more than 40 years, Pat has been designing quilt patterns and templates, making quilts, judging, leading seminars, writing quilt books, and teaching. Pat’s love for old textiles and traditional patterns is a driving force behind her creativity. Her company manufactures templates and other tools that ensure accuracy and shorten the time necessary to make a quilt. Her books include Simple Super One-Patch Quilts, Two-Patch Scrap Quilts, One-Patch Scrap Quilts, Back to Basics: Quilt Templates and Patterns Explained, and Look What I See Quilts. In addition to designing, teaching, traveling, and vending at quilt shows, Pat also organizes and runs quilting retreats throughout the United States. If you are interested in learning more about Pat Yamin, visit her website at comequiltwithme.com.

This year CQWM celebrates 35 years of manufacturing templates and in honor of the occasion, we dug back into our archives for your favorite templates. The first one to be re-introduced is the 6-piece Miniature with a 45-degree diamond as an added bonus along with a 16-page instruction book complete with 36 patterns. The book has black and white illustrations. Pat Yamin has already done the math for these 4″ completed blocks (each piece is 1″) which are sure to be a favorite with miniature lovers. Each set come with templates for a half  square, square, quarter square, 60-degree diamond, hexagon, a 45-degree diamond for you star fans, a mini suction cup, and sandpaper dots for template undersides.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V2MdwQE438  this shows her templates

Check her out on facebook

Pat Yamin Lecture: Trunk Show

Member $40       Non Member $50

Joseph's Coat   

Join Pat in this creative workshop, piecing can be done by hand or machine. The convex and concave curves are easy to sew once you know how. A hexagon unit is formed using just two pattern pieces which are sewn together to create six units, thus making up the hexagon.

$18 templates or $45 laser precut kit due to teacher at workshop

Supply List

Saturday September 14, 2019

Member $40.00          Non-Member  $50

Miniature Sampler

Got a lot of small pieces of fabric that are too good to throw out? Then sign up for Pat's Miniature Sampler class using her Quilter's Miniature Template set. The set includes a half square, square,quarter-square, and 60 degree triangle as well as a hexagon. Pat has designed 36 different 4 inch blocks patterns. All you have to do is cut, sew and create your own miniature sampler quilt.Pat will discuss how to set, border and finish your wall hanging. This class is definitely a winner; you'll love what you learn and what you leave with 

template set available for $18 or laser cut kit $45. KIt fees payable to teacher day of class

Supply Lis

Suzi Parron   www.barnquiltinfo.com

Suzi Parron  Description

Suzi Parron  Description

Barn Quilt Beginnings

The American barn quilt trail movement started with a simple promise. Wishing to honor her mother by painting a quilt on the side of her barn, Donna Sue Groves organized her rural Ohio community to create not one, but 20 colorful barn quilt blocks in 2001. The trail of barn quilts brought her neighbors together, increased tourism, and developed pride in a new form of public art. Author Suzi Parron first documented Donna Sue's story in Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement. The lengthening thread of this uniquely American art phenomenon motivated Suzi to take to the road for a second time. Her result is Following the Barn Quilt Trail, where she tells the story of traveling the country to collect stories of families, quilts, and rural creativity.





on Facebook enter Suzi Parron Barn Quilts

Suzi Parron presents Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Train Movement 

Friday October 11, 2019

Fee includes primed board and paint

Member cost $55.00             Non-Member cost $65

Barn Painting  class including board and paint is $55 for members   $65 non-members

Join the Barn Movement by creating your own painted quilt block. You will begin with a pre-primed board and go through each step- drafting, taping,and painting with careful attention to detail.The finished product will be 2 feet by 2 feet.

supply list

Saturday October 12, 2019

fee includes primed board and paint

  Member cost $55.00        Non-Member cost $65

Barn Painting  class including board and paint is $55 for members   $65 non-members

Join the Barn Movement by creating your own painted quilt block. You will begin with a pre-primed board and go through each step- drafting, taping,and painting with careful attention to detail.The finished product will be 2 feet by 2 feet.

supply list

Thursday November 14, 2019

Lisa Binkley  https:lisabinkley.typepad.com

Lisa Binkley teaches and exhibits her art nationwide. Her work has been featured on TV and in print and is represented in private and corporate collections. Lisa loves sharing her passion for fiber and beads through her artwork, teaching and writing.

Dyeing with plant pigments and other natural materials (insects, lichen, etc.) has been practiced and refined for thousands of years—for as long as humans have made cloth and wished to beautify it. Printing with plants has been practiced for generations through such traditions as Easter egg decoration and, in the past few decades, as a way to create pattern and imagery on fabric.    



on Facebook enter  Lisa Binkley Fiber artist                       www.lisabinkley.com

Lisa Binkley Trunk Show

Friday November 15, 2019

Member cost $40.00          Non-Member cost $50

Beginning Beading    $25 kit fee due to teacher at class

Class time is a mixture of sampling bead embroidery techniques and exploring variations on those stitches based on each individual student’s interests and aesthetic. Each day contains a mixture of hand stitching, viewing images and examples of bead embroidery for inspiration and technique illustration, and time sharing discoveries with one another. Each student goes home with a detailed sampler containing all the many bead embroidery stitches learned and developed in class as well as a color booklet with information about stitches, bead and thread selection, and other important information for continued exploration of bead embroidery beyond the classroom.

Saturday November 16, 2019

Member cost $40.00           Non-Member cost $50

Botanical Printing and Dying  $25 kit fee due to teacher day of class

During this  workshop students learn about the history of dyeing and printing with plants; how to prepare fabric/fiber for dyeing and printing; ways to secure and alter dye color on cloth; and many ways to get patterns and images on fabric with a variety of plant materials. We explore dyeing solid and mottled colors with botanical pigments both individually and in combination; printing plant material onto fabrics; eco-printing and dyeing together; and using some simple shibori techniques in conjunction with eco-printing and dyeing..

supply list

Thursday January 9, 2020

Dawn Schuck       sewcherished.com

Specializing in 100% hand dyed wool and innovative crazy quilting stitch designs!

Crazy Wool Pumpkin

Level - Beginner to Advanced

Create a beautiful crazy stitched pumpkin using my own crazy stitched techniques. You will be surprised at how easy this pumpkin is to assemble with my interfacing technique. You will be equally stunned at how every stitch you take will be even and perfect.  These techniques apply to both wool applique classes





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdfn--9lc40 shows her  crazy stitching techniques

Dawn Schuck Trunk Show

Friday January 10, 2020

Member cost $40.00             Non-Member cost $50

Warm Hearts Wool Applique

snowman tray  is $48,   pattern with wool is $55  

Warm Hearts pattern is $10

kit fees payable to teacher at class

Saturday January 11, 2020

Member cost $40.00          Non-Member cost $50

Crazy Stitch Pumpkin Wool Applique   

 kit cost is $75  Makes three pumpkins    kit $55 makes 1 pumpkin

kits payable to teacher day of class

Friday-Saturday Jan 31-Feb 1 SCQG Retreat

Carmelite Center 

8419 Bailey Rd

Darien IL


Thursday February 13, 2020

Susan Cleveland                piecesbewithyou.com



My enthusiasm for quilting is said to be contagious! In classes, I work toward keeping an upbeat setting, providing well-written instructions, and attending to each student with personalized coaching. My quilts have received many awards in international competitions since 1997 where judges comment on fine workmanship and original style. With unique designs I'm thrilled to include charming, unexpected elements such as specialty threads, prairie points, piping, and great binding techniques. I invented the Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool which is used to trim piping seam allowances and the Prairie Pointer pressing tool. In 2010 I was delighted to be named Minnesota Quilter of the Year! 

I live on 70 acres in southeastern Minnesota with my hubby. Both of our incredibly smart, talented children, have graduated from college and are gainfully employed. Yeah!

Thanks for visiting!

Quilt on! – Susan


(IQF = International Quilt Festival, AQS = American Quilter’s Society, NQA = National Quilting Association, MQ = Minnesota Quilters)

  • Flowered & Feathered Frenzy: first place AQS Paducah 2017, first place IQF Houston 2016, second place MQ 2016

  • Psychedelic Big Bang: third place IQF 2010 Houston, second place AQS show - Paducah, several awards at NQA show Columbus 2011 (first place small quilt mixed techniques, Best Use of Embellishment, Best of Show Small Quilt)

  • Hidden Tikis: finalist AQS 2007

  • Bouncin': first place IQF 2005, best of show-wall quilt MQ 2005, third place AQS 2005

  • Carnival Star: finalist IQF 2003, second place AQS 2004, first place MQ 2004, first place Quilting on the Waterfront 2004, third place NQA 2005

  • Kauai Chicken Star: finalist AQS 2004

  • Spangled Star Banner: second place IQF 2002, second place MQ 2002, third place AQS 2003, first place NQA 2004

  • Twirling Tassels: first place IQF 2001, Second place MQ 2001, finalist AQS 2002, first place Quilt America! 2002

  • Party of Three: Best of Show Wall Quilt MQ 2000, first place IQF 2000, first place AQS 2001

  • Pretty Flaky: first place IQF 1999, finalist AQS 2000, third place MQ 1999

  • Opposites Complement: third place MQ 1998, finalist IQF 2001

  • Celestial Chocolate: first place MQ 1997

  • Darin’s Slitherin’ Snakes: Teacher’s Choice Award and Judge’s Choice Award MQ 1997, finalist AQS 19

    Susan Cleveland Trunk Show

    Friday February 14, 2020

    Member cost $40.00              Non-Member cost $50

    Piping Hot Curves Macaroni

    Add piping to curves and avoid curved piecing! This technique is wonderful for traditional curved patterns and great for contemporary designs. In class students will learn to make perfect piping and add that pipingto the lively, curvy macaroni block. Piping adds pizzazz! Quilting and finishing will be discussed. Blocks finish 6".

    Member cost $40.00              Non-Member cost $50

    Ringie Dingies

    traditional appliqued circle in the center of each circle and allow rings to interlock! These Dresdens are built on a foundation so background fabrics don’t show through and, more importantly, Dresdens turn out perfectly flat. Learn Susan’s tips for speedily turning wedge points with the Prairie Pointer Tool. At home you may finish the quilt by quilting the background then ditch stitching Dresdens onto the quilted quilt! Design possibilities are endless!

    Thursday March 12 ,2020

    Pam Dinndorf       aardvarkquilts.com

    I have been obsessed with the magic of color as far back as I can remember.  My career path has followed that carrot through several avenues:  fashion, interior design, and now with award-winning quilt and fabric design.

    I have detailed my unique approach to fabric and color selection in the book, Colorific, from C&T Publications.  My designs have also been featured in Quiltmania, Simply Moderne, Modern Patchwork, Quilt Retailer, Kaffe Fassett’s Quilt Romance, and many other quilt publications.

    I enjoy teaching and lecturing across the country on a mission to obliterate the anxiety many experience when presented with the opportunity to choose their own colorful fabrics.  No one should miss out on the satisfaction experienced when the colors sing!


    Pam Goecke Dinndorf has consistently caught my attention through the years with her quite brilliant use of color and form.  It is often the proportion of the colors as they are combined that makes them optimally radiant.  Pam has a way of creating simple structures that allow the colors to positively glow.  The color schemes she chooses almost always have a sophistication as well as down home earthiness that rarely fails to inspire me. -Kaffe Fassett





    Pam Dinndorf Trunk Show

    Friday March 13, 2020

    Member cost $40.00             Non-Member cost $50

    Parallel Lines        supply list

    Saturday March 14, 2020

    Member cost $40.00             Non-Member cost $50

    Squares Squared          supply list

    Thursday April 2, 2020

    Sarah Nishiura      https://www.sarahnishiura.com/about

    Sarah Nishiura is a Chicago based quiltmaker who utilizes traditional techniques to craft quilts out of recycled and vintage materials. Inspired by numerous textile traditions including 19th and early 20th century American Quilts, Sarah's work explores and celebrates the infinite possibilities of geometric design. Her quilts have been exhibited at numerous museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad including the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art, the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and the Yokohama Quilt Fest in Japan. Her quilts have been featured in numerous magazines and blogs including Martha Stewart Living, Chicago Magazine, and Food and Wine, and they are included in private, corporate, and public art collections throughout the United States. In 2019 Sarah received an  Illinois Arts Council Finalist Award for Craft.  Sarah has an MFA in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and a BA in visual arts from Brown University.

    More information about Sarah's studio practice can be found at:


    Sarah Nischura Trunk Show

    Strip Piecing April 3 ,2020

    Member cost $40.00             




    Non-Member cost $50

    Strip piecing s a wonderful technique for producing perfect checkerboard patterns, zigzags and diamonds., but it can be used when creating exciting improv designs.In this workshop we will examine stripped piece designs,developed by the Seminole Indians in the early 20th Century.and other traditional patterns that use strip piecing. Then we will shift our focus to experimentation and improv potential of the technique. Participants will create a range of unique pieced design samples that they can choose to incorporate into larger quilt projects or keep as a stand alone works of art

    Thursday May 14, 2020

    Cynthia Wiseman      fiberartchix.com

    I am a quilter who lives in paradise (Florida)!! 

    I've been sewing for a long time—starting out with traditional quilts. Now I've been doing the art quilt thing and loving it.  I love everything fiber! All of our designs are original works of art. I love to share my knowledge and experience. 


    Cynthia grew up under a quilt being quilted, listening and learning from her mother and aunts all about quilting.  Traditional quilts were all she knew although there was a desire to learn more.  Moving from Missouri to Florida changed her style of quilting as she experienced quilters from around the world. Her knowledge of quilting grew by joining the local Quilt Guild in Florida and again listening and learning. Art Quilting, Fabric Dyeing, Quilt Designing and Embellishing quilts were quite an eyeopener and changed her approach to quilting.  


    She is happy to share all that she has learned along the way in hope to spark new ideas to her fellow quilters. 


    See other work by Cynthia at https://fiberartchix.com/cynthias-gallery


    Cynthia Wiseman Trunk Show

    Friday & Saturday May 15-16

    2 day workshop  

    Member cost $80.00            Non-Member cost $100

    Wild Poppies $30 kit with pattern due to teacher day of class

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