Guild Committees


The Salt Creek Quilters Guild has a number of committees that keep the Guild running smoothly. If you would like to volunteer for any of these committees, please use the contact form to send us a message.

This committee serves the community. Quilts are assembled and distributed to needy groups in our surrounding communities. The committee prepares and packages fabric to be sewn into individual blocks for quilt tops. Some members also donate entire small quilt tops. These tops are then assembled and tied at a Guild meeting set aside for community service. This is a great way to get acquainted with other members. 


A monthly newsletter is published from September through May by the chair of this committee. A special August issue is published during the Quilt Show Guild year. The newsletter is either emailed to members in PDF format or mailed for an additional fee to cover printing and postage. Members are encouraged to submit articles, photos, and items of interest to other members. The deadline for submitted articles is published in the Guild's Newsletter. Information is essential for participation in any organizaiton. All members are encouraged to read and keep their newsletters.

Meet and Greet

This committee is an extension of the membership committee and is geared toward making sure that new members do not get lost in the shuffle. For the new member's first four months, she will be greeted at the membership table by a member who will help them to navigate the committee tables, introduce them to current members, and sit with them during the meeting/program. By the end of the four months, new members will have met many of our members and have a good understanding of what the Guild is all about.

Door Prizes

This is a small committee that solicits donations of quilt-related items from manufacturers to be given as door prizes at meetings. Members, if they wish, may donate unused quilting supplies to be used as door prizes. Wearing your handmade, quilt-related nametag to our meetings makes Active Members eligible to participate in our drawing for a chance to win.


According to the by-laws of the Salt Creek Quilters Guild, the Guild is organized to promote the art of quilt making and provide educational opportunities to the community. This committee educates by providing programs to the community at large, both adults and children. Committee members visit libraries, retirement homes, children's groups, and social organizations to offer both Show and Tell programs and hands-on sewing projects.

Programs and Contracts

This committee plans programming for the upcoming year by hiring speakers and workshop instructors. In the following year, the committee administers these programs and workshops. Members enjoy learning from nationally and internationally known quilt teachers, artists, and authors. The Guild website provides information about the instructor and supply list. Because classes are kept small, they are enjoyed equally by the beginner, intermediate, and advanced quilter because they offer a nurturing environment where the teacher can engage in individual assistance and coaching. It is an inexpensive way to exercise your creativity, learn a new technique, meet sister members, and learn from a local or national teacher. 

Quilt Show

The quilt show, held bi-annually, is an important committee since most of the Guild's operating funds are generated by this event. The success of this event is necessary and Guild membership requires that every active member participate in the preparation/ presentations of the show. It is an ongoing committee since the planning for the next show begins almost immediately after the completion of the previous one. Active members are required to work four hours. The show itself radiates excitement and energy, and working on any of the show committees is just plain fun!


This committee is responsible for collecting newspaper and magazine articles written about Salt Creek Quilters Guild or any of its members. Photographs are taken at some events and displayed during the Quilt Show in order to show the public what Salt Creek Quilters Guild is all about.


This committee is responsible for serving the refreshments -- provided by members -- at our monthly meetings; facilitating Show & Tell; assisting with the New Member Orientationl greeting members on Guild night; and providing fun things to do as well and creative ideas for our holiday party and annual meeting. This committee can accommodate a large nmber of members and does not require a large time commitment.


Salt Creek Quilters Guild has an extensive quilt-related library available to its members. At monthly meetings, the librarian and her committee offer a selection of books, magazines, and tools for members to borrow. A list of available books is available on the Guild's website. Items must be returned at the following month's meeting. All items can be renewed for one month or longer by special arrangement with the librarian. The fines schedule for late returns can be found in the Directory. This committee adds new titles every year and welcomes members' recommendations.

Each year a two-day retreat is held at a local hotel, providing members with uninterrupted time to work on projects, participate in learning activities, and enjoy the company of other quilt-minded members. This is an enjoyable time for all who attend and always sells out quickly.

Round Robin

All active members are eligible to particpate in the Round Robin activity. Typically, each particpant makes a center block and other members in the group add complimentary borders each month of the program. Suggestions for borders are given by the committee chair and the completed tops are displayed at the May Guild meeting. 

Social Media

The Social Media Chair and committee is responsible for the administration, monitoring, and updating of the Guild's website, Facebook page, and Pinterest boards. It is the aim of these resources to nourish the communication and sharing of ideas among members and to cultivate interest in the Guild by potential new members. 

Vintage Books

Vintage Books serves as a win-win for everyone. Active members can bring in used books, patterns, and magazines that are no longer wanted Those items are sold as a nominal cost at Guild meetings ($1 for books and 25 cents for patterns and magazines), with all profits going to the Guild GARAGE SALE.

This committee handles all aspects of membership. Directories are published annually. The Membership Committee keeps track of the attendance of all Active Members and ensures the Directory is current and up-to-date. The committee is also responsible for hosting a New Member Orientation prior to the first September meeting, giving new members an opportunity to learn about the Guild's various committees; meet other new members, as well as the current Guild Board.