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Special Exhibit:  Carole King Quilt Challenge

Guild members were challenged to make a quilt based on Carole King or one of her songs.  Some of the quilts were featured in a lyric video produced by Carole King to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her Tapestry album.



Special Exhibit:  Red and White Quilts

The Salt Creek Quilters Guild celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021.  To honor the milestone, members were asked to make red and white Ruby Anniversary quilts. 



Opportunity Baskets

Baskets filled with items that will delight quilters and non-quilters will be offered.  No matter your interests or hobbies there will surely be a basket for you.


Bake Sale

A variety of delicious home-baked goodies will be offered both days.   Not to be missed is Sandy Taylor’s homemade Scottish Shortbread!

Quilt Exhibits and More

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