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Guild Committee Descriptions


The Salt Creek Quilters Guild has a number of committees that work towards the Guild’s purposes of promoting the art of quiltmaking and providing educational opportunities for the community and guild members. If you would like to volunteer for a committee, contact the committee chairperson listed in the directory.


The Community Service Committee assembles and distributes quilts and other sewn items for local community groups and projects suggested by members. The committee manages the Guild fabric stash and uses it to provide members with fabric kits for assembling quilts and other charity items. Members may donate quilt tops or completed quilts to the committee. The committee may periodically hold service project work days for all Guild members. Participation in work days builds relationships among guild members.



Salt Creek Quilters Guild has an extensive quilt-related library available for its members. At monthly meetings the library committee offers a selection of books, magazines, and tools for members to borrow. A listing of books and tools in the Guild collection is available on the website. Items can be borrowed for one month and can be renewed for one month or longer by special arrangement with the librarian. Fines or book replacement fees may be charged for unreturned items. The committee adds new titles regularly and welcomes recommendations from members.



The Education committee plans and organizes educational programs and activities for adults and children in the community.  Committee members visit libraries, senior residential facilities, children's groups, and social organizations to offer programs like Show and Tell or hands-on sewing projects that educate about and advance the art of quilt-making.



The Contracts committee secures locally, nationally and internationally known quilt teachers, artists, and authors for the benefit of the Guild members. The Contracts committee (with advice and suggestions from the board) is responsible for determining the lectures and workshop programs for the upcoming guild year and securing guest lecturers and instructors to lead those programs. The Contracts committee is usually led by two chair persons who will become the Program chair persons in the next Guild year.



The Program committee brings the world of quilting to the guild by promoting, administering and facilitating the scheduled program of lectures and workshops throughout the year. Information about the programs and how to register is published on the Guild website. Workshops can be enjoyed equally by quilters of all skill levels as they provide a nurturing individual learning environment and are open to all active members. 


A monthly newsletter is published from September through May by the chair of this committee. Special issues may be published as needed. The newsletter is either emailed to members in PDF format or mailed for an additional fee to cover printing and postage. Members may submit articles or photos that may be of interest to the guild membership. The deadline for submitted articles is published in the Guild's Newsletter.



The Hospitality Committee is responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere for members and guests for each monthly Guild meeting. It works with the committee chairs to provide for all physical needs for the meeting and the setup of the meeting space. This may include serving member provided refreshments, facilitating Member Showcase, assisting with the New Member activities, and greeting members on Guild night. The committee also plans and hosts the Holiday Party in December. 



The Membership Committee handles all aspects of membership, including keeping a listing of active and subscription members, providing for renewing of memberships, and recording payment of annual dues. A directory of membership is published and updated regularly and is sent to all members.  The committee monitors and records attendance of active members at monthly meetings. The committee hosts an orientation/social gathering for new members to learn about the Guild’s various committees and opportunities to get involved. 



The Quilt Show Committee is responsible for all planning, administration, and implementation tasks for the Guild’s fundraising quilt event. The committee oversees the participation of all guild members in hosting and presenting this event. The purpose of this event is to showcase Guild members’ work and achieve a profit to support future Guild activities and programs.



This committee plans and runs the guild’s annual retreat, usually held in January. The retreat provides members with uninterrupted time to work on projects, participate in learning activities, and enjoy the company of other Guild members.


The Publicity Committee is responsible for promoting the guild and its activities to the public.  At the start of each guild year posters and bookmarks listing guild programs are created and distributed to quilt shops and local businesses.   Other activities may include putting up library displays, submitting meeting notices to on-line and print listings of local events, and creating press releases.    



The Social Media Committee is responsible for the administration, monitoring and updating of the Guild’s website, as well as its Facebook and Instagram pages. The use of these digital platforms aims to encourage the communication and sharing of ideas among members and to cultivate interest in the Guild by potential new members.



The Vintage Books and Garage Sale Committee gathers and manages a collection of used quilting, sewing, and fabric related items that have been donated to the Guild for resale at a nominal cost to other Guild members. The committee displays these items at the monthly Guild meetings with all profits going to the Guild.



This committee is responsible for collecting and saving publicity, photos and other documentation of events related to the Guild and its members. 

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