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2016 Quilt Show: Traditions with a Twist


Thank you to everyone who helped make our 2016 Quilt Show such a success. Information about the 2018 Quilt Show coming soon..


Viewers' Choice Awards: Professional

1.  Monica Troy         My Japanese Garden

2.  Mary Wakeley      Cattails in the Meadow

3.  Roberta Butler     A Child is Born

4.  Roberta Butler     Potted Pleasures

5.  Mary Wakeley      Fire Island Hosta

6.  Monica Troy         ABC

Viewers' Choice Awards: Medium Quilts

1.  Marsha Martinaitis     My Fractured Garden


2.  Kennette Bledsoe        Meet the Tweets


3.  Carole Ann Wool          Lone Starburst

4.  Lori Fogarty                 Slow Down - It's Turtle Time! 

5.  Laurel Karlo                 Twitter 


6.  Carole Ann Wool          "Himself"


7.  Kennette Bledsoe         Under the Sea


8.  Chris DiBartelo              Very Hungry Caterpillar Tot Quilt


9.  Carole Ann Wool            Modern Starry Night


Viewers' Choice Awards: Extra-Large Quilts

1.  Louise Graff            Green Meadows and Peaceful Streams


2.  Carol Blanchard     Then and Now


3.  Leslie Prast             "Just a Little Bit Wonky!"

Viewers' Choice Awards: Small Quilts

1.  Terri Karls              Terri One

2.  Charlene Cooper    Sea Turtle

3.  Carole Ann Wool    Cape Cod Sunset

4.  Barbara Naucas     Jack in the Pulpit

5.  Linda Kennedy        Zach

Viewers' Choice Awards: Large Quilts

1.  Lori Fogarty                    Bedding Down in the Barnyard


2.  Terri Karls                       Terri Four


3.  Linda Kennedy                Multicolored Spools


4.  Susan West                     Scrappy Hearts

5.  Elisa Arespacochaga      Quilting is Dangerous

6.  Carol Douglas                  As Bright As It Gets

Viewers' Choice Awards: Miscellaneous

1.  Terri Karls         Terri Three

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