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2014 Quilt Show: A Patchwork of America


Thank you to everyone who helped make our 2014 Quilt Show such a success.


Viewers' Choice Awards: Wearable

1.  Louise Graff       Sweatshirt Jacket


2.  Sandy Taylor     Quilted Black and White Jacket


3.  Carol Kala          Jacket

Viewers' Choice Awards: Miniature

1.  Janet Egan       Winter Forest


2.  Kathy Elwood   Winter Pineapple


3.  Gail Trainor       Rocky Mountain High   

Viewers' Choice Awards: Overall

1.  Monica Troy              Ruggled Roses


2.  Roberta Butler          Day at the Zoo


3.  Gail Henegahn          Virgil


4.  Becky Preston          Dancing in the Sunshine


5.  Mary Wakeley           Wedding Quilt


6.  Debbie Wesenberg   Raindrops 


7.  Marilyn Martin          Creature Comfort


8.  Pat Pasquini              Lily of the Valley


9.  Charlene Cooper       Art and Craft Sampler


10. Nancy Brieschke      Just Learning


11. Anne Zick                  Our View of Sisters -

                                         Friendship and Hospitality


12. Allison Krall              Evelyn's Album


13. DeAnn Ellis               50+ Shades of Gray (Fabric)


14. Coleen Walter           Birthay Gift Wrap


Viewers' Choice Awards: Guild Challenge

Most Innovative Technique          Barbara Jurgensen


Interpretation of Theme               Elisa Arapachochaga


Best Use of Paint Chips                Debbie Wesenberg


Best Use of Sparkle                      Robynn Van Horne


Best Overall                                   Nancy Brieschke


Added to Make Ultimate 8            Judi Doychak

                                                        Arlene Frost

                                                        Marilyn Martin

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