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The Art of Quilt Display by Kathy Durochik

Presentation is important in any quilt display. Different methods of display can enhance the quilt.



If you choose to frame your quilt, one decision to be made is whether to frame your quilt under glass or without any glass at all. If you choose to frame your small quilt under glass, be sure to use an acid free mat or spacer so the glass never comes in contact with the fabric. Center your quilt and stitch it to an acide free mat board.


Glass has a reflective quality that takes away from the warmth and tactile feeling of a quilt. If you choose to display your quilt under glass, choose a non-glare or UV protective glass. 


Non-Traditional Methods of Display

New products have become available that allow small quilts to be displayed on the wall or in a frame. With these products, quilts can be moved or changed easily.


Command Brand. Small or Medium Picture Hanging Strips are readily available and easy to use. You can buy them online or at your local hardware store. You can hang small quilts directly on the wall with very good results. One Command Brand strip is attached to the wall and one is attached directly to the quilt. With this method, you are able to change a small quilt frequently and easily, and the quilt looks like it is floating on the mat. You can choose to mount your quilt on any acid free mat.


Plastic Photo Easel. You can also use the Command Brand strips for a freestanding plastic photo easel. Choose an easel that is slightly smaller than the quilt. Place a Command Brand strip on the easel and another on the back of the quilt.  


Plastic Frames and Sleeves. Another way to display a small quilt for a table top is to make a sleeve to fit over the top of a small, plastic easel. Pat Kroth displays many of her small quilts on small plastic easels. She makes a 4-inch sleeve for the back of the quilt to slip over the top of the plastic easel. The top of the easel is completely covered. The sleeve can be sewn into the back of the quilt before the binding is sewn onto the quilt. If the quilt has a faced binding, a sleeve can be hand stitched to the back of the quilt after the quilt is finished. 


Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers. Larger quilts can be hung in various ways. A fairly new product makes hanging and changing quilts very easy. Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers can be purchased from many local quilt shops or online. No tools are required for installation. The newest version of the kit consists of five small steel plates, strong magnets, and Command Brand strips. You need to supply a steel rod or bar for the quilt sleeve. You can purchase steel bars from any hardware store. It is easy and quick to hang your quilt level using these tools, and your walls are not damaged.


The Studio Art Quilt Associates website has several excellent articles about the display of art quilts. Framing Art Quilts and Mounting and Matting Art Quilts by Elizabeth Van Shaick are two excellent articles that can be found on their website.


Enjoy discovering different methods of framing your beautiful fiber art. Your small quilts become works of art with the right kind of display. The display becomes part of the artwork itself.

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