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Faced Binding/Hidden Binding/Artist Binding by Sara Hocchauser


Faced bindings create a very clean finish to the front of a quilt.


Steps to making a faced binding:


  1. Cut a 4-inch wide strip of fabric four inches longer than the side for each side of the quilt.

  2. Fold the fabric in half, lengthwise, and press.

  3. After you trim the quilt to size, machine stitch the edge to secure any quilting lines that have been cut and to keep the three layers secured while sewing the binding on.

  4. Pin the binding fabric, raw edge along raw edge of quilt, to the front of the quilt, with a couple extra inches of binding on either end.

  5. With a pencil, place a mark 1/4-inch from the top edge of the quilt. Do the same at the bottom edge of teh quilt. This is where you will begin and end stitching. Stitch binding down with 1/4-inch seam allowance.

  6. Fold the binding back at a 45-degree angle, place the next binding down, and repeat the previous step.

  7. Press the second binding at a 45-degree angle.

  8. The pressed line will be your stitching line.

  9. Bring the two binding edges together, matching up the pressed lines and pins.

  10. Fold the quilt out of the way and stitch along the pressed line.

  11. Stop stitching at the pencil mark.

  12. Trim seam to 1/4-inch, and press open.

  13. Trim the bulk of seam allowance away at corner, being careful not to cut the stitching line.

  14. Turn the binding to the back, poking the corner out to a point with your finger or with a blunt pointed object. Press the binding along the edge of the quilt with a hot iron.

  15. Slip stitch the binding to the back of the quilt.


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