Cynthia Wiseman   May 14, 2020

I am a quilter who lives in paradise (Florida)!! 

I've been sewing for a long time—starting out with traditional quilts. Now I've been doing the art quilt thing and loving it.  I love everything fiber! All of our designs are original works of art. I love to share my knowledge and experience. 


Cynthia grew up under a quilt being quilted, listening and learning from her mother and aunts all about quilting.  Traditional quilts were all she knew although there was a desire to learn more.  Moving from Missouri to Florida changed her style of quilting as she experienced quilters from around the world. Her knowledge of quilting grew by joining the local Quilt Guild in Florida and again listening and learning. Art Quilting, Fabric Dyeing, Quilt Designing and Embellishing quilts were quite an eyeopener and changed her approach to quilting.  


She is happy to share all that she has learned along the way in hope to spark new ideas to her fellow quilters. 


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Cynthia Wiseman




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